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MAILO It is a short film created by our design and animation team. Introduces mailo, a dog who lived a relatively quiet life, with the kari family, until his calm is altered with the arrival of a new member of the family, this new puppy appears to have a very innocent aptitude, but what humans and mailo do not know, is that he tends to pretend to be a superhero leading to face different dangers, without knowing it. It develops a very pleasant and fun adventure suitable for the whole family.


In addition to my handsome appearance, I can be a bit sleepy and sulky if I am awakened at all. I'm usually resting or relaxed, and I tend to sleep because doing nothing tires me. But there are times when that Puppy tends to get me out of my comfort to be able to rescue him from the dangers to which he is exposed without knowing it, I try to show it to Kari but he still doesn't realize how elusive he can be.


Yes, I am tiny, chubby and tender, but I will tell you a secret, I am a "SUPER HEROE", and although it may not seem like it, I can fly and run very fast, of course, as long as I have my cape and my mask on, They know to keep my identity hidden, although I think that older dog suspects something.


Hello, I am Kari, I am seven (7) years old, I love animals, I consider them my friends, Mailo has been with me since I was very young, and recently I have one more friend, we call him a puppy and he is so tender, so Quiet, and soo chubby. I love playing with both, sometimes I dress them up, because, there can be no tea party without the right clothes.


Yoga at 3, Garden at 4, Oh, Hello, I am Alis, I am a nature lover, I love my family and therefore I am always attentive to each and every one, I love to cook, although I am not so good, that's better I leave it to Luis, my husband.


Cooking, repairing and adjusting things is my thing, the garage is part of my workshop, the playground games I have placed for Kari, she loves to play there, oh, I have also built that tree house, it has taken me a long time, but in the end I did it.