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We begin by proposing or studying the design of the selected environment, it is necessary the floor plan of the place that will be exposed, to start the modeling process in parametric programs, where the models of the environments that will be exposed in our project are made, then they are proposed sketches to define colors, furniture styles, textures to use, among other things that will give life to our project.


In the modeling process, in the first step we define the furniture that will be exposed in the project, we use different programs to model the furniture that will be placed on the scene, each product is modeled and textured, with different manufacturing processes depending on the role it has. said product in our project, as these models are ready, it must be exported in different formats to be used in a real engine.


The materials of the project models are made in two processes, depending on the object to be performed, the model must be mapped in the original program, in principle. This would allow the material or texture to be used in the model to adapt in the correct way in that model. In a real engine, materials are also created, which have better results in said software than in the original program.


They are explored with different formats, the models are adapted for greater or lesser resolution, depending on the device to which it will be raised, then tests are made to test the receptivity or the result of the exported model and test that the model, being in real, has the quality expected. The format, quality and distribution of the polygons is defined by the device, by the projection weight or efficiency.

As the main advantage of using this rendering engine in Architecture once we have elaborated our project within your system, it is the speed of your system and workflow, in addition to its versatility and power, which gives us endless possibilities compared to traditional systems.
Once we have the desired results, the endless visualization possibilities that the program allows us is impressive. We can obtain very

high resolution images in seconds, generate cinema-quality videos with animations and special effects, 360º videos, virtual tours and tours, interactive scenes navigable in real time and all with versatility to adapt to multiple platforms and Virtual Reality environments